Introduction – How It All Started For Me

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Exactly two years ago, I took the first steps towards becoming a web cartoonist.
My romance with comics started way before that. As a kid, I drew a lot. In fact, I have been drawing ever since I remember myself. I discovered the medium of comics when I was six (at about the same time I learned how to read), and immediately fell in love with it. At the age of eight, I drew my first comics (It was a very close imitation of Tarzan). It didn’t really have a plot, and the characters didn’t even have names. But what did I care? I was eight, and comics allowed me to realize on paper the stories that ran in my mind. It was all that I needed.
As the years went passing by, I continued drawing comics. But as a teenager, I became more discreet about my art. Back then, I didn’t feel secure enough to publish my comics. All of them ended up in my desk drawer.
When I turned 18, I entered into my “dark ages”, artistically speaking. I joined the navy and later on went to college. Then I got a 9 to 5 job at a software firm. Then I got married. During this time, I stopped drawing and cartooning almost completely. It’s not that I lost my desire to draw; I was just repressing that will to make way for different things in my life.
And as with all things repressed, the desire to draw would burst out of me a few years later. Ironically enough, during my artistic dark age, the world was undergoing a revolution that would have a great impact on my future cartooning aspirations.
 It was called “The Internet”
When I got back drawing, the Web 2.0 revolution was at its peak. Blogs were sprouting like mushroom after rain. I didn’t have any experience with blogging, so I started to read a bit about blogs and blogging, even opened a dummy blog at I knew I wanted to open a personal blog about my work life, but wasn’t sure exactly in which format. Suddenly it hit me: instead of writing about my life, I’ll draw comics about it!
From that point things started to happen at a pretty rapid pace. I found a name for the comic series in 30 minutes. I rushed to my drawing desk, drew a sketch of the main characters (it was easy since they were based on real characters). I finished drawing the first episode an hour later. I created a blog, scanned the first page, and uploaded it. The whole process took me less than three hours (*). Little did I know at the time that I actually created my first webcomic.
All of that was two years ago. Since then, I managed to publish several webcomics series. When I entered this business, I knew nothing about it: nothing about blogging or web 2.0; nothing about website promotion or SEO. Even regarding the pure art of making comics, I didn’t know much about how to build a good comic. I learned everything along the way. I learned from reading books, I learned from web-sites and forums. Sometimes I learned the hard way – by making mistakes.
 What I hope to do in this blog is to share some of the knowledge I accumulated ever since I started web cartooning. I want to help you fulfill your dream of building a good, well publicized comic, and maybe even earn a few dollars along the way.
Stay with me, it’ll be a joyful ride!

(*)Now hold on, before you get excited and rush doing it yourself – that was the wrong way to do it (You’ll read the post explaining why in one of the future updates). The point of telling this story was to show you how simple it is to publish a comic, make it available to the world. All thanks to the Internet.

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